Myspace Changes Company Name to Facebook

Ken Taro
2 min readNov 4, 2021
Tom from Myspace’s Twitter account
From Tom Anderson’s Official Twitter

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — After Facebook boldly rebranded as Meta, Myspace followed suit by also changing its company name, Myspace co-founder and your first e-friend Tom Anderson confirmed.

“Although our social media application will still go by Myspace, our company itself will be called Facebook,” stated Anderson. “We hope that stragglers who are unaware of the original Facebook’s shift will buy stock under our new name. I beta tested this whole scenario by renaming my cat to Facebook, and it has been a seamless transition so far.”

Although many people rejoiced at hearing this news, Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg chirped that he was not pleased.

“Myspace has always been riding out coattails,” huffed Zuckerberg. “Well, other than the fact that their company started a year before ours. Anyway, I can’t stand Tom. He thinks he’s so cool just because he looks like a human being and doesn’t have a punchable face. When I inevitably create my Myspace/Facebook account, because honestly, I was a big fan back then, I will be blocking him for sure.”

Anderson promised that despite the company’s name change, he still wishes to deliver a typical ‘Myspace’ experience.”

“We are going back to our roots as far as our website is concerned,” explained Anderson. “Many consumers…



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