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Hello. My name is Bill Gates. I created a little tech company called Microsoft in 1975 with some other guy. Like many of you, I believed in the complete and utter bullshit of trickle-down economics for years and years. Today, I say enough is enough.

The wealth that oligarchs Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have amassed is obscene, disgusting, and sickening. As of this writing, Bezos’ net worth stands at $193 billion, while Musk’s lurks closely behind at $190 billion. With mine at a paltry $122 billion, I can’t help but feel the boots of their tyranny crushing my weathered…

WASHINGTON — On yesterday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host dropped a bombshell on his audience: scientists and medical professionals created the controversial vaccine used to manage the Coronavirus.

“Science has never proven anything. It’s a ruse that the liberal media has perpetuated to brainwash people into voting for the Democrats,” alleged the Fox News pundit. “This vaccine has been responsible for all kinds of terrible things: empathy for your neighbors, dedication to improving society, and deference to researchers who know what they are talking about. I can’t sit by and let this country get ruined by facts. …

“In the darkness, you are more likely to stub your toe” — Me

Day 1

Day 2

“What’s interesting is that this phenomenon occurs across all education levels. I know a Harvard graduate who belittled an electrician despite believing that hamsters run the entire electrical grid.”

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After Ty Ma started his new job as a financial analyst at a mid-size insurance company, he ran into a situation that happens to him frequently: a co-worker constantly over pronounces his name.

“The human resources lady kept calling me Tire Moana when she was introducing me to people,” sighed Ma. “I corrected her several times, but it didn’t seem to matter. I don’t get it because…”

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Is there anything better than making no money while you sleep? Here, with just a little effort at the beginning, but none after that, you can automate the way you keep your net worth flat and maintain the mediocrity you deserve.

  1. Newsletter: Guilt all your friends and family into signing up for your newsletter. Then, use a program that will send them 10 emails a day that add no value to their lives whatsoever.
  2. YouTube Videos: Learn to play the guitar (at least enough to play the first three chords of any song), and then start a YouTube channel. Make…

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There are 26 letters in the modern English alphabet. Did your favorite letter make the cut?

  1. ‘A’
  2. ‘B’
  3. ‘C’
  4. ‘D’
  5. ‘E’
  6. ‘F’
  7. ‘G’
  8. ‘H’
  9. ‘I’
  10. ‘J’
  11. ‘K’
  12. ‘L’
  13. ‘M’
  14. ‘N’
  15. ‘O’
  16. ‘P’
  17. ‘Q’
  18. ‘R’
  19. ‘S’
  20. ‘T’
  21. ‘U’
  22. ‘V’
  23. ‘W’
  24. ‘X’
  25. ‘Y’

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Writer, satirist, and humorist. You can find my best work on my mom’s refrigerator.

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